In the carpentry besides the welding, bending, cut and punching stations, there is also a laser cut machine, extremely important for the customization and the total satisfaction of the customer requests.


The plates previously cut and ready to be welded are assembled by our specialized technicians, in order to obtain structures perfeclty according to the drawing and ready to be annealed. This operation is effected in a very close department so no extra moves are necessary avoiding any further costs. These structures come back already blasted ready to be worked.

Laser Cut

The laser allows a very high precision cut of metallic sheets, it creates a perpendicular cut on profiles with short bending radius. The cut edges are very net without any imperfections.


Very important machines with CNC allow a perfect deformation of the material that is effected according to angles and sizes already authomatically established. The plates in iron, stainless steel and alluminium are the material more frequently used. There are many shaped parts, realized following the drawing specified by customers.


In metallurgic field, the punching of the plates is effected for the creation of semifinished customized products of very high quality level. CNC machines allow us to effect specific parts as alternative to the laser cut. The stainless steel plates worked by us are typical of ou production and they have been very appreciated by all the constructors: we obtain on them holed clews for the creation of tanks.

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